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So how's your seach Experience so far??


Every search we do we starts from "scratch"  No search is the same ! neither are our clients or our candidates. We will share all relative market intelligence with you trough our platform and make sure you understand from day one, who's interested in your company and why others don't want to join you...



Are you talking the the most Talented people or the most Available candidates ? In average recruiters touch base with only 15% of their targets...

At Kilpatrick we promiss our clients we reach out to 86% of our long listed candidates....We like the " hard to catch "



The majority of our searches are cross border ! It's more challeging finding people outside your own backyard, expeccially when you have nobody on the ground your really can rely on.

Trough our own 15 global hubs and strong partnerships with many independent owned search firms  -  build up in 10 years of cross border assignments  - we are directly connected to top talent  in 42 countries.